State Board of Education to Visit Fairfield Primary School on Dec. 12

State Board of Education to Visit Fairfield Primary School on Dec. 12
Posted on 11/30/2018
State Board of Education to Visit Fairfield Primary School on Dec. 12

November 30, 2018

My Dear Parents and Guardians,
On December 12th the Maine State Board of Education will be holding their December meeting here at Fairfield Primary School. The state board members will tour our school facility and have lunch with our students too.

I wanted to let you know about their visit because we will have a number of community members and the media in attendance for this special meeting. The state board meetings are open to the public and we expect parking to be a little trickier than usual. Our staff will be parking in the back of the building and around the park on that day to leave the spaces in front of the building for the board visitors.

We wanted to advise parents that are dropping off about traffic and to expect some potential delays in finding an open parking spot. The board’s meeting begins at 9AM, so their arrival will most likely be close to our Kindergarten start time, yet should not interfere with bus drop off, childcare or pre-k arrival.

To ready us for this visit we are working on tightening up some of the security sign in-sign out procedures for people entering our building. For the state visit we also intend upon having visitors sign in and wear a nametag so we can keep track of the community members visiting that day.

Fairfield Primary was selected to host the Maine State Board of Education because our school is first on the state funding list for new facilities. Our school was also featured in a Morning Sentinel article last week announcing the Board’s visit. We look forward to the State Board and community noticing the amazing learning taking place here while they visit. The students will be ready to sing them a few songs and show them what we do here despite the age of the facility. We expect our Superintendent and members of our District 49 School Board to be in attendance too. This will be an opportunity to showcase the 21st century learning that takes place in a 20th century facility which will, in part help the board determine the credibility of our application and status as number one on the list.

Thank you for your help and Patience as we prepare for December 12th. If you have any questions please give us a call!

Lori Lee, Principal